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The Good Nuts™

Olomomo® (pronounced “o-lo-MO-mo”) means "Momo's world" and refers to the nutty adventures of "Momo" the monkey.  Olomomo aspires to bring innovation to the nut industry with the most delicious and unusual nuts in the world. Our roasted nuts are a micro-batch, premium, high-energy, amino acid and protein-rich snack designed to taste great with coffee, tea, beer and wine.  They're a GREAT premium mouth-watering snack for anyone on the go - athletes, travelers, busy moms and kids. Olomomo Nuts are coming soon to a coffee shop, smoothie shop, grocery store, outdoor sporting goods store near you. 

Origins: Be Nutty.  Be Good.  Be Adventurous.

Inspired by Steve the nut guy at a farmers market in DC, I moved back to my hometown of Boulder, CO and bought a nut roaster. After hours of experimentation, some luck, and lots of input from my creative wife and foodie friends, the Olomomo nut was born.  The Good Nuts.As soon as we set up the first Olomomo farmer’s market stand in Boulder, CO, we started hearing  “these are the best nuts I’ve ever tasted.” Not long after, we started to distribute through coffee shops, were featured on the Cooking Channel, Good Morning America and are now launching a national nut brand.

Olomomo is intended to be the realization of a dream of having a socially responsible business that involves traveling the world (not just for amazing spices and nuts but for adventure, too) and promoting fair trade and human rights. Whenever possible Olomomo strives to use sustainable packaging and organic and fair trade ingredients.  The Good Nuts.  Nuts for Good.

So here’s to your health, and may these wild, exotic, healthful nuts fuel your adventures, inspire your creative juices, and awaken your senses!  

Be Nutty.  Be Good.  Be Adventurous.

-Justin Perkins, Founder, Olomomo Nut Company, Boulder Colorado

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